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The Lobby:Enterprise conference has quickly established itself as the premier gathering of thought leaders in the enterprise software, cloud services, infrastructure, storage, and networking spaces. Like the original The Lobby, Lobby:Enterprise is an "unconference." There are no speakers. There are no panels. Rather, the conference is designed to encourage open and honest conversation among an amazing group of attendees.

For three days, we bring together an invite-only group of 150 highly accomplished people to have great conversations and engage in meaningful interactions. Lobby:Enterprise is designed to maximize open and honest conversation, as well as nurture long-term relationships. People leave Lobby:Enterprise more informed, more engaged, and more connected.

Lobby:Enterprise will bring together a mix of luminaries from the enterprise world – founders and CEOs of the most interesting startups (e.g., Cloudera, Fastly, Nimble, Okta, Pure, Tegile, Nutanix, Atlassian, Coupa, etc.), the leading Cloud powerhouses (Salesforce, Splunk, Workday, Netsuite, etc.), product, strategy and corp. dev. from the most important public Companies (e.g., Oracle, SAP, VMware, HP, etc.), thought-leading CIOs (e.g., Home Depot, New Relic, etc.), and the leading investors in the enterprise space.

From its inception, Lobby:Enterprise has been entirely off-the-record. As a result, attendees are willing to speak more freely and collaboratively about the topics that are most important to them. The hallmark of The Lobby is open and honest conversation, and the event is designed to nurture those discussions.

Lobby:Enterprise is curated and hosted by David Hornik and Vivek Mehra, partners at venture capital firm August Capital. David has spent two decades nurturing startups in both consumer and enterprise software. He is the author of the first venture capital blog, VentureBlog, and the first venture capital podcast, VentureCast. In addition to his day job as a venture capitalist and conference organizer, David is a lecturer at Harvard Law School and teaches periodically at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, Stanford Law School, and Stanford’s School of Engineering. Vivek has been an active participant in the startup ecosystem since the mid nineteen-nineties as an entrepreneur, advisor, and investor in enterprise companies. Prior to joining August Capital, Vivek was the founder of Cobalt Networks, which Vivek and team took public in 1999. Cobalt was ultimately acquired by Sun Microsystems, where Vivek ran the Cobalt business unit until joining Augut Capital in 2003.


Past Events:

  • The Lobby 2014 – The Fairmont Orchid, Big Island, Hawaii
  • The Lobby 2015 – The Fairmont Orchid, Big Island, Hawaii
  • The Lobby 2016 – The Fairmont Orchid, Big Island, Hawaii
  • The Lobby 2017 – The Fairmont Orchid, Big Island, Hawaii